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Winship at Emory University is Now a National Cancer Institute — Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute (Winship at Emory) has earned the comprehensive cancer center designation from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the highest honor given to a cancer center in the United States. As the only NCI-designated cancer center in the state of Georgia, Winship at Emory is proud to be on the leading-edge of discoveries and translational research resulting in therapies improving cancer patient outcomes.  This NCI designation means that Winship at Emory has demonstrated its programs are reducing the cancer burden on the state of Georgia through research conducted in its laboratories, its clinical trials program, and its population-based science.

Outstanding Cancer Care Embedded in a Culture of Discovery 
Making a difference in Georgia and beyond, Winship at Emory evaluates and cares for over 15,000 new patients a year. It is Winship at Emory’s innovative research that translates into better ways of detecting and diagnosing cancer for all cancer patients. Patients have full access to teams of experts that specialize in specific cancer subtypes to facilitate care using treatment plans not available outside of a top research cancer center.  Disease-specific specialists work to understand the biological and genetic make-up of each individual patient’s cancer. They use the latest in precision medicine. With over 250 clinical trials, including the state’s largest stand-alone phase I unit, Winship at Emory is enrolling patients in pursuit of better approaches to every type of cancer.

The comprehensive cancer center designation recognizes that Winship researchers are studying the environmental and genetic issues unique to cancer in Georgia with the very specific goals of reducing the risk of cancer and detecting cancer at the earliest possible stage.

Unique Collaborations with National Leaders in Cancer Discovery 
Winship at Emory collaborates in cross-cutting initiatives with research institutions including the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Morehouse School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society.  Winship at Emory also serves as the coordinating center for all cancer research, education, and care for Emory Healthcare, recognized as the largest and most comprehensive academic healthcare system in Georgia, with more than 2,000 doctors and 200 locations, including 6 hospitals throughout Atlanta.

As part of an elite group of NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Winship at Emory is at the forefront of establishing and incorporating the most advanced and effective cancer treatments into clinical practice globally.

Referrals for Your Cancer Patients

Cancer is complex.  Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University is capable of handling all cancers from prevalent to rare.   Give your patients access to expert teams dedicated to their specific cancer and a personalized treatment plan with innovative clinical trials. Winship at Emory is the state’s first and only NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

• Where patients get personalized treatments, many offered years before anywhere else.

• Teams of subspecialty experts only focus on one cancer type and develop an individualized treatment plan for cancer patients.

• Winship at Emory has been recognized as one of the nation’s best.  With over 250 active phase I, II, and III clinical trials, Winship researchers are dedicated to taking new cancer treatments from bench to bedside.

For cancer patients, the right referral can make all the difference.
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