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Cosmetic Applications of Lasers and Light/Energy-based Devices
Cosmetic Applications of Lasers and Light/Energy-based Devices

  • Managing Incidentally Identified Pulmonary Nodules
    Managing incidentally identified pulmonary nodules
  • The Emergence of Sports Cardiology
    Controversies surrounding increased exercise dose from light/moderate to excess and possible pathologic outcomes associated with long-term exposures to strenuous levels of exercise
  • ExtraCorporal Membrane Oxygenation
    More than 40 years since it was first used in 1971, ECMO has become an integral part of treatment in the adult critical care community
  • Immunizations
    Drs. Sandra Fryhofer and Sam Gold discuss the importance of immunizations for children and adults, improvements in vaccines and the challenges physicians face in ensuring that their patients know and understand the significance of receiving appropriate immunizations.
  • The Future of Valve Therapies
    Transcatheter valve therapies continue to revolutionize medicine
  • Glaucoma:
    Increasingly Common as the Population Ages but Treatment Has Never Been Better!
  • From Office Surgery to Face Lifts
    From Office Surgery to Face Lifts: The extensive scope of plastic surgery and advancements over time
  • Gynecology Spotlight
    Effective surgical techniques, comparisons of surgeries in terms of costs and advantages, and how conversations about family planning and contraception choices are reducing the number of unintended pregnancies.
  • Urology Spotlight
    Advancing technologies and noninvasive treatments are improving the lives of people with urological conditions and diseases

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